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Since you're only allowed one tackle bag, you'll need to weed through all your lures and focus on the ones that will help you catch monster pike and abundant walleyes. Remember, your tackle bag will have to follow airline restrictions.

Here's a general list of the fishing gear you should bring with:

For Pike
3-4 Heavy/Muskie 7' baitcasting rods
80lb Spiderwire stealth line
3-4 Baitcasting reels (i.e. Abu 6500, Calcutta, etc.)
100lb 9-12" Quality single wire steel leaders

For Walleye
2-3 Med/Heavy IM8 7' spinning rods
10lb Fireline crystal line
2-3 Spinning reels (i.e. Pflueger President 30 series)
50lb Fluorocarbon leaders

SEE REPORT for full list