Most Canadian fishing destinations come with a policy about their trips - No fishing after dinner! That means you could very well be missing out on prime time angling. In the land of the midnight sun, that means up to 6 hours of sitting around camp playing cards. And who really wants to watch the sunset for 6 hours every day for a week?

At Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge, the 6pm-midnight bite is something that shouldn't be missed. A very unique, nightly occurrence happens where the Taltson River meets the massive shallow water delta spilling into Great Slave. Taltson pike roam the river channel much in the way that walleyes do after dark. Nowhere else do pike feed in such huge packs at night. Often times the trolling bite in the channel surpasses the daylight hours for numbers of pike in the 41-50" range. It is not uncommon to troll less than 50 yards before another monster pike slams a Magnum Bulldawg, or a 12" jointed creek chub being pulled behind the boat with less than 20' of line out. It's the ultimate rush in trophy fishing and recommended for the serious, seasoned angler as a true test of one's fighting abilities.

Moon lit nights. The silence of Canada at midnight. The Northern Lights dancing overhead. And the shock of a monster trying to take your lure, your rod, and your arms into the black waters below.

Night time trophy pike fishing. It only happens here at Taltson Bay, where our monsters never sleep.